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1. Dark-S1ayer (x2)

2016 was balls, let's get that right.
Probably a huge understatement, but I won't dive more into it.
Although, that isn't saying there hasn't been anything good to come out of it, either.

That aside, I know I haven't been super active as I once was no thanks to classes, but in the next coming months I hope to change that.
"Little Owl" IS being worked on now. I've said that many times before not with this much certainty. By next month, I'll have at least the first couple pages out. The comic will hosted on Tapastic, and I'll update my contacts thing at the top once the pages are up!

Next, start expecting some animations to show up on here or elsewhere - likely on my Newgrounds and possibly Youtube!
I've had Toon Boom for a while, but it always acted funny with my Intuos tablet in ways that it was it was just unfeasible to work with.
If i wanted to animate on Toon Boom, I'd have to drive an hour down to my campus to use the Cintiqs. I have Flash too but lmao, crashing for days. That is, until this Christmas when my family all pitched in to get me a Cintiq 13HD- I can comfortably practice animating from home now!
I can perhaps create my own Game Grumps Animated like I've always wanted;; If there's a clip you wanna see animated, let me know so I can check it out and possibly plan for!

I mentioned in my last journal entry from 100 billion years ago that I got a Patreon.
I started it with a tip jar in mind and as a replacement for constantly having commissions open. That part isn't 100% set in stone yet, but my biggest problem with it is just trying to figure out what kinds of rewards to have. What would you like to see in a reward tier?  So far, the biggest thing there is an idea for a digital artbook thing, likely themed, wherein I'll include relevant doodles along with sketches and notes/thoughts that I've made whilst working on them. As of now, there's nothing exclusive to my patreon. I don't really want to force anyone to become a patron by putting things behind a paywall - nothing huge anyway. Please check it out if you like!

Think that'll be it for the time being - well, until 2017 anyway.
Hope for the best, chin up, and make wonderful things!

JSGEntertainment Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Professional General Artist
I'm still looking forward to seeing more Little Owl as well as your other original ideas.

And I hope you enjoy what's left of the year
47ness Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016
Ah yeah it's been a year all right. Though more recently I've been reminding myself that numerical concepts like years and hours are entirely our own creation (that is to say we don't really know what the future will bring and it might feel more like a continuum of some good and some bad at strange, disconnected intervals).

But that said we can at least take the coming of 2017 as a much needed shot in the arm. :P

AM STILL (AND ALWAYS) looking forward to more Little Owl and original creations in general. :w00t: It's good to show support for your favorite creators out there too (I know I needed a few channels to keep my sane while on my 158th hour of Photoshop work) ^^;

I feel like I'm going in the opposite direction; still chasing paychecks and not focusing on my own thing, but if things go well starting next month it does mean you can count on a new name to your Patreon role sheet. :3
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December 28, 2016


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