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Pinup 2: Cutiesaturday 2-25 by justZaz Pinup 2: Cutiesaturday 2-25 by justZaz
something i made for an art sale held on campus but now finally posting for egoraptor's cutiesaturday hashtag on Twitter!

Pinup went through a lot of changes over the years since i've halfheartedly decided to make her a Skullgirls fan character.
long since then tho, she's become her own character, so i've brainstormed a possible new setting for her should i ever decide
to begin a series of comics about her - a slice-of-life kind of thing.

i havent really talked about Pinup in a long while, so the following are some of the ideas i've had for this iteration's Pinup, one
im considering is the final version of her:

- "Pinup"is only a nickname, her real name being Penelope. that name was only given to her since her fan character days and
it made more sense back then with her original backstory, which now is horrible and lame imo.  It may not be a very relevant name for her anymore,
but it'll still stick with her since that's how a lot of people know her. She also goes by "Penny".
- why the electricity? her original backstory from the beginning was that she was killed in a car (later became a train) accident, but was
later brought back to life by Aunekx-Keansmu 's character, Joyce, a'la Frankenstein. She didnt always have electric powers, but was later included
as something she could do, and eventually became her main ability. so she's basically a Frankenstein-type thing - she had to pieced back together, but
they're still her own parts instead of just any assorted dead things.

- speaking of monsters, the world Pinup (and Joyce, along with a few other familiar characters of mine) now live in a setting not unlike Undertale's or
the Disgaea series, where monster-folks just exist. monsters ranging from the familiar (dragons, vampires, and zombies) to less common
ones (gijinkas basically) are all here.

- in this universe, Pinup is a Frankenstein-type zombie. the logistics of zombies work differently in this world,
as other monster-folk dont see them as the dead re-animated. to them, zombies just look like a pile of patches, scars, and injuries,
or some combination of those or more (even "less" in some cases). some definitely would look more corpse'y. having said that...

- monster-folk here look more or less like the monster they're supposed to be. think of this like a slider when creating a custom character in a game.
on one end of the slider is "more humanoid" and the other being something like "more monster-like". Pinup's slider would be more on the humanoid end
than the other. this applies to all the monsters in this universe. monsters that already look like normal people, like vampires, will still at least carry small
physical characteristics; in a vampire's case, their signature fangs.

- i mentioned these monster-folk can also be basically gijinkas of any other creature. these will still be based on living creatures - i joked with Aunekx one time
that there would be a sandwich character, but immediately scrapped it. still kinda funny tho.

- another creature/monster that wont make many appearances would be ghosts. after all, ghosts are spirits of those once living, so even to the other
creatures in this world, something that should be dead should stay dead. so ghost stories are something that'll still spook some people. ghost DO exist
in this world however, but are very rare and are very secluded individuals. they say coming into contact with a ghost could result in a week-long curse or fortune
in something very specific (maybe you either do surprisingly well at work, or you'll wish you've had taken the whole week off, for example).

- Pinup works as a delivery girl for an online store called Amaze Me.

- being a Frankenstein-type, she wears little bolt-shaped earrings. carries around a metal pipe "just because".

- she also lives in a very small studio apartment consisting of a bathroom, a kitchen, and an open area where she sleeps and, well, anything else.
she saves on electricity by powering her utilities herself. she hasnt switched on the power in her apartment since she got it.

- lastly is Joyce, who works as the town's doctor. this is my own iteration of Aunekx's character in this story, while i let him reiterate his own version of Pinup
for his. loosely based off of Aunekx's own Joyce, this one is a succubus who often decides to stay cooped up indoors, on or off work.
being a doctor, she doesnt take as much care for herself as she should, likely because she doesnt have to answer to anyone; she's her own boss.
if you've followed my work long enough it's no secret she and Pinup end up becoming a couple no matter what, so perhaps she'll stop being a slob once she has
someone to call her out on it. very snarky and often times appearing unimpressed, she does like her job and genuinely wants keep people healthy.

sorry if that's a lot, im just happy i finally have some kind of story/world-building for Pinup now.
plus, since i havent been able to get to posting much lately, i wanted to come back with something pretty neat, i think;;
Cellsai Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's fun to see how far Pinup/Penny has come since the living rag doll days!
I've been digging the sketched shadows on these recent submissions by the by.
JSGEntertainment Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Professional General Artist
The picture itself is nice, but the world building description really caught me by surprise. Very interesting stuff. And I'm glad your friend is okay with you having your own version of his character.

Can't wait to see more. From either Pinup's world or Little Owl
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